player sky

Player Sky

Design and development of a video player that is used as a standard for all Sky’s web channels. Client: Gruppo Reply Category: Web Applications Tecnologies: Javascript, JW Player



Development of a web interface that reads and visualizes images sent from a mobile security tool. Client: Frugiferentis. Category: Siti Internet Tecnologies: CSS, HTML, Javascript, Php.


Design and development of the Facebook game “SentiMeteo”, in Daikin ADV campaign. Main features: recognizing subscribers’ datas; inserting weather icons in a geographic map matching with those datas; enabling users to post results of the game on their wall and to send notes to their Facebook friends. Client: Bitmama. Category: Web applications. Tecnologies: API Facebook,[…]

Italia’s Got Talent

Sky – Italia’s Got Talent 2015 / Italia’s Got Talent 2016 Design and development of web components used for Prediction, Buzzometro, Voting, News, Fonzies Wile Card. Design and development as Facebook apps for Prediction, Voting, Buzzometro. Client: Gruppo Reply. Category: AWeb applications. Tecnologies: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Php, Simfony, Twig.

Hell’s Kitchen 2015

Design and developement of a web application that allows the user to replace Chef Cracco’s face wit a cropped personal one, thanks to a wizard that crops just the oval. Client: Zodiak Aktive Plus. Category: Web applications. Tecnologies: Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Php.


Sky – XFactor 2014 Development of the functionality related to interaction between users and the show on its website and social networks. In particular: design and developement of “voting” and “applausometro” tools and frontend for web and mobile ADV campaigns for Ikea and Enel Green Light. Sky – XFactor 2015 Development of the functionality related[…]